JANUARY 30, 2001


Born May 8, 1925, in Ocotlán Morelos, Morales studied art at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City (1948-53). After graduating, he taught art at Escuela Nacional Preparatoria (1953-85).  In 1975, sculptor friend Geles Cabrera persuaded him to hold a solo exhibition in Cuernavaca where his paintings drew the attention of famed Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo who helped Morales’ career. Morales’ work is dream-like, often depicting Indigenous women amongst rural buildings, churches & town squares. His works employed rich color, exaggerated hands, feet, and faces.  By 1985, Morales returned to Oaxaca devoting himself to art and restoration. He founded Rodolfo Morales Cultural Foundation to restore buildings in Ocotlán and ensured that most of the work was done by local women who then could find work elsewhere. He also set up a computer room for local youths, provided materials to aspiring artists, worked against the spread of AIDS, and planted new copal trees.  Morales died in Oaxaca.  

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Photo: Robert Bertram, 9/29/2006. Public Domain.  

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