MARCH 15, 1952


Born on August 16, 1889, at Corrales de Abrego, Sombrerete, Zacatecas, Amaro was of Indigenous ancestry. With the Mexican Revolution in 1911, he joined with General Domingo Arrieta rising, by year’s end, from Corporal to Lieutenant. In 1912, Amaro fought against Emiliano Zapata’s Liberation Army of the South and earned the rank of Captain. By 1914, with the Constitutionalist Army, he became a Brigadier General, Head of the Northwest Corps Division (1915) and, later, the Ojinaga Sector (1918). In 1920, Amaro became General Álvaro Obregón’s trusted man rising to the rank of General of Division. Amaro later served as Undersecretary in charge of the War and Navy Office (1924-25) and Secretary of War and Navy (1925-31). As Secretary, he initiated military reforms, such as placing the Organization of the Army under a single command. As Director of the Military College (1931-35) & Director General of Military Education (1932), he created the Higher School of War. Amaro died in Mexico City.

  “General of Division Joaquín Amaro Domínguez,” Government of Mexico.  Retrieved 6/9/2021,
Photo:  Unknown, 1917. Public Domain. Source: National Museum of the Revolution. 

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