MARCH 9, 2005


Born November 30, 1924, in Lodge Grass, Montana, on the Crow Reservation, Pauline was the granddaughter of the famed Crow scout, White Man Runs Him, and his wife, Horse. Pauline graduated from Lodge Grass High School in 1944 before attending Haskell Indian College and Sheridan Business College. Entering tribal politics in 1966, she was elected Vice-Secretary of the Tribal Council–the first woman to hold any tribal office.  She served in that position until 1972, but remained active in various committees. Deeply interested in education, she was a member of the Lodge Grass Board of Trustees, serving as Chair for eight years; Crow Tribal Education Committee; and the 107th Committee of the Crow Tribal Council. Small was also an active supporter of Indian rodeo for 30 years.  Pauline died at the Crow Agency.   

Sources:  “Pauline Small,”  Retrieved 6/6/2021, Pauline Small Obituary (2005) - Billings, MT - Billings Gazette (
Photo: Realbirdium, undated. Permissive Use. 

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