NOVEMBER 17, 1977


The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians is comprised of more than 27 Native American tribes & bands who once inhabited an extensive homeland of more than 20 million acres from northern California to southwest Washington and from the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean. After the Rogue River Wars (1855-56), these tribes were all removed to a reservation on the Siletz River, now the Siletz Reservation. When the Western Oregon Indian Termination Act of 1954, Public Law 588, was passed into law on August 13, 1954, the Siletz lost their Federal status. In the 1960s, tribal members began to organize and lobby Congress and the President to regain status as a Federally recognized tribe. After unsuccessful initiatives in the House (1974) and Senate (1975), Senators Mark Hatfield & Bob Packwood introduced S. 1560, in May 1977. It passed the Senate on August 5, 1977, and the House on November 1, 1977. The bill went to President Jimmy Carter on November 3.  He signed it into law on November 18, 1977.

 Siletz Indian Tribe Restoration Act (1977; 95th Congress S. 1560), GovTrack.  Retrieved 6/6/2022, Siletz Indian Tribe Restoration Act (1977; 95th Congress S. 1560) -
Photo:  Becherka, 7/19/2005.  Public Domain.

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