NOVEMBER 20, 2002


On November 20, 2005, an agreement in principle was reached between: The plaintiffs represented by the National Consortium and the Merchant Law Group (MLG), independent Counsel, the Assembly of First Nations, and Inuit representatives; the federal government of Canada; and churches–General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the United Church of Canada, and Roman Catholic Entities, for the “resolution of the legacy of Indian Residential Schools.” On November 23, 2005, the federal government announced the IRSSA compensation package–the largest class-action lawsuit in Canadian history. Recognizing the damage inflicted by the residential schools, the IRSSA established a C$1.9 billion compensation package called CEP (Common Experience Payment) for all former residential school students. In Regina, Saskatchewan, on December 15, 2006, the IRSSA was approved for “settlement of class and individual residential school claims” under the IRSSA. 

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Photo:  Author and date unknown.  Study period at Roman Catholic Indian Residential School, [Fort] Resolution, Northwest Territories (1910-57). Permissive Use. 

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