NOVEMBER 26, 1845


Born at Waimea, Beckley’s grandfather was Captain George Charles Beckley, a British sea captain and advisor of King Kamehameha I, who married the High Chiefess Ahia. His mother, Kahinu, was the daughter of the High Chief Hoʻolulu. On December 3, 1867, Beckley married part-Hawaiian Emma Kaili Metcalf (1847-1929). He worked as a purser on the steamship Kilauea and was later appointed second clerk in the land office after King Kalākaua’s accession in 1874. Upon the death of Edwin Harbottle Boyd in 1875, Beckley was appointed the Royal Chamberlain where he served for a time before resigning to pursue business in sugar on Molokai. In 1880, he ran successfully as a representative for Molokai and Lanai. On August 16, 1880, Beckley was appointed as Governor of Kauaʻi by King Kalākaua, a position he held until his death. After a period of illness, Beckley died on January 7, 1881, in Honolulu.

 James Uluwehi Hopkins, “Hānau Ma Ka Lolo, For the Benefit of Her Race: a Portrait of Emma Kaʻilikapuolono Metcalf Beckley Nakuina,” Master of Arts Thesis, University of Hawaii at Manoa (8/2012). Retrieved 9/12/2022, Microsoft Word - Hopkins-MA-FullThesis-REV1.docx (
Photo:  Author unknown, prior to 1881.  Public Domain.  Source: Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-68-1-013

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