NOVEMBER 6, 1937


St. Germain, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, of Métis descent, was a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, police officer, businessman & farmer before entering politics. A conservative, Gerry was elected to the House of Commons in 1983, representing the riding of Mission—Port Moody until defeated in 1988. In March 1988, he became the 1st Métis to join the Canadian Cabinet as Minister of Transport & later Minister of Forestry. From 1989-95, he was President of the Progressive Conservative Party (PCP). In June 1993, St. Germain was appointed to the Senate and chaired the Senate’s Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. Gerry was key in achieving a formal residential school apology from the Government of Canada. In 1998, he joined the Canadian Alliance (CA) and in 2000 became its only senator. He then helped unite the CA & PCP in 2003. Retiring in 2012, St. Germain received an Indspire Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. In 2022, Gerry was named to the Order of British Columbia.

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Photo:  Government of Canada (Senate), 2010. Permissive Use.  Source: Profile - St. Germain, Gerry (

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