NOVEMBER 9, 1912


The West Point Cadets took the field to avenge a 1905 surprising loss to Carlisle Indian School. The Cadets, with the best defense in the nation, had 1 loss, 6-0 to Yale, and had a chance at being No. 1 in the nation. The Indians, with the best offense in the land, came in undefeated with 1 tie. Notables on the field were Jim Thorpe for Carlisle and Dwight D. Eisenhower for Army. A cold wind blew across the field, making passing and punting risky. Army led 6-0 at halftime on a Geoffrey Keyes touchdown, but they missed the point after. Momentum shifted at the start of the 2nd half when Army All-America tackle and team captain Leland Devore jumped on Joe Guyon and got thrown out of the game, followed by defensive backs Eisenhower & Charles Benedict after a failed attempt to sideline Thorpe. The Indians then tallied 27 unanswered points handing Army’s one of its worst defeats of that era.

Source:  “It's the people: Legacy of 1912 Army vs. Carlisle football game endures,” U.S. Army War College—News Article, 11/8/2012.  Retrieved 5/17/2022, 12010.pdf (
Photo:  Author unknown, 1912.  Carlisle Indians Football Team.  Public Domain.  

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