OCTOBER 2, 1901


Born circa 1811, in Kingsclear, New Brunswick (NB), Gabriel’s family along with other Maliseets moved between there and the Bay of Fundy, as well as to seasonal camps opposite Fredericton. A noted hunter, guide, and interpreter, his skill in calling and hunting moose, caribou, wild fowl, and other game became legendary. A regular supplier of game for the Frederickton British garrison, Gabe guided officers, British officials, artists, 2 lieutenant governors [one, Arthur Hamilton Gordon, published a book about his trips with Gabe, which include Maliseet stories told by Gabe]. In 1860, Acquin paddled the Prince of Wales across a river and was subsequently invited to England in 1883 as one of Canada’s entries in the International Fisheries Exhibition in London. He went there again in 1893–94 with Paul Boyton’s World’s Water Show. Acquin died in Frederickton.

Source:  Andrea Bear Nicholas, “Acquin, Gabriel,” Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Retrieved 3/22/2022, Biography – ACQUIN, GABRIEL – Volume XIII (1901-1910) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography (biographi.ca)
Photo:  Author unknown, 1866. Public Domain.

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