APRIL 18, 1960


Born in Grass Valley, California (Cal), Chris’s tribal enrollment was through his mother. An AFS Intercultural Programs high school exchange student in Spain in 1977, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in history from UCal Berkeley, taught English with the Peace Corps in Morocco (1983-85), and received a Juris Doctor degree from UCal, Hastings College of Law (1989), before joining the U.S. Foreign Service in 1991. Overseas assignments: deputy principal officer & political section chief, Jerusalem; Political officer (PO), Damascus; consular/PO officer, Cairo; and consular/economic officer, Riyadh. In Washington: Director, Office of Multilateral Nuclear & Security Affairs; Pearson Fellow with both Senate Foreign Relations Committee & Senator Richard Lugar; special assistant to Under Secretary for Political Affairs; Iran desk officer; and staff assistant, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. He became U.S. Ambassador to Libya, June 7, 2012, but died September 12, 2012, after an attack on the Benghazi embassy. 

Steve Russell, “The Real Hero of Benghazi and '13 Hours': Chris Stevens, Chinook,” Newsweek, 1/17/2016.  Retrieved 7/19/2022, The Real Hero of Benghazi and '13 Hours': Chris Stevens, Chinook (newsweek.com)
“The quietly heroic life of Ambassador Chris Stevens,” The Week.  Retrieved 7/19/2022, The quietly heroic life of Ambassador Chris Stevens | The Week 
Photo: U.S. Department of State, 4/23/2012.  Public Domain.

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