APRIL 23, 1834


Born on April 15, 1792, in Santiago Nonualco, Aquino was a hereditary chief (Cadillo). In 1823, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, declared independence from Mexico and formed a Republic. The government’s lack of money led to unpopular economic measures. Expansion of haciendas also shrank the land available for subsistence agriculture by the Indigenous peoples. In late 1832/early 1833, Aquino led an uprising. By early 1834, his army of between 2,000-5,000 men were initially successful, even causing government leaders to flee the capital, San Salvador. In Tepeitan, he was declared General Commandant of the Liberation Army. On February 28, Colonel Juan Jose Lopez, aware that Aquino’s forces were decimated by disease, attacked at San Vincente. While Aquino escaped, a traitor revealed his whereabouts. Captured, he was moved to Zacatecoluca, tried and executed by firing squad on July 24, 1833. His head was cut off and displayed in an iron cage as an example to rebels.

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Photo: AlfredoMercurio-553, 3/14/2019. Permissive Use.

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