APRIL 26, 1774


Named after Virginia Governor John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, this war was waged to push the Shawnee & Mingo out of the upper Ohio Valley. Virginia had treaties with the Iroquois Confederacy that granted land. Others, including the Shawnee, rejected the treaty & did not leave. On October 9, 1773, encroaching Virginian settlers were attacked by Delawares, Cherokees & Shawnees. War was commenced at Pipe Creek the day after its declaration. On April 30, settlers brutally attacked defenseless relatives of Mingo leader Logan–an event known as the Yellow Creek Massacre. Colonel Andrew Lewis then was ambushed at Point Pleasant on October 10th by warriors under Chief Cornstalk. With the Treaty of Camp Charlotte, on October 18th, war with the Shawnee ended. However, when the Mingo refused to sign, Virginians destroyed their village of Seekunk. The Mingo surrendered soon after. However, peace did not last, with the Shawnee attacking Virginian settlers as early as March 1775.

Source: “Lord Dunmore's War (Apr 26, 1774 – Oct 19, 1774),” Time Graphics. Retrieved 9/29/2021, Lord Dunmore's War (apr 26, 1774 – oct 19, 1774) (Timeline)
Photo: Aesopposea, 12/27/2013. Permissive Use..

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