AUGUST 12, 1840


This battle—really a running gun fight–stemmed from the Council House Fight & resulting Great Raid of 1840. The first event occurred on March 19, 1840, in San Antonio during peace negotiations over release of some 15 white captives in return for Texan recognition of Comacheria as the sovereign territory of the Comanche. Texan officials, feeling deceived when the Comanche brought & returned only 1 captive as a good faith gesture, tried to take prisoner the 12 chiefs in attendance. Of the 65-person Comanche delegation, 35 were killed, 29 taken prisoner. In retaliation, that summer, Chief Buffalo Hump led 600+ Comanches down the Guadalupe Valley stealing horses, plundering, and burning settlements. After sacking Linnville, they retreated. Militia & Texas Rangers overtook the Comanches at Plum Creek near present-day Lockhart on August 11. Texas historians call the battle a decisive Comanche defeat, though only 12 Comanche bodies were found and the raiding party returned with most of what it took.   

 “Plum Creek, Battle of,” Handbook of Texas, Texas Historical Association. Retrieved 2/6/2022, TSHA | Plum Creek, Battle of (
Map:  G.A. Scherpf (? – circa 1890), 1841. Section from an 1841 map showing the abandoned location of Linnville Texas. Public Domain.      

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