AUGUST 23, 1932


Born in Cherokee, North Carolina (NC), George, whose name meant “Self-sacrifice,” belonged to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. Private First Class George, who entered service in Whittier, NC, was a part of a raiding party on November 30, 1952, seeking to capture a prisoner for interrogation. The party faced intense mortar & machine gun fire. Upon reaching the crest of a hill, George engaged in hand-to-hand combat. When ordered to move back, he & 2 comrades remained to cover the withdrawal. When an enemy hurled a grenade into their midst, George shouted a warning to one comrade, pushed the other soldier out of danger, and threw himself upon the grenade, absorbing its full blast. Seriously wounded, he made no sound as companions evacuated him to the forward aid station where he succumbed. For his bravery, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on March 18, 1954. A bridge, Veterans Hall, and VA Medical Center are named in his honor.

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Photo:  Packersfan1491, 11/11/2016.  Statue of Charles George, Cherokee Veterans Park, Cherokee, NC. Permissive Use. 

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