AUGUST 25, 1899


Tamayo, born in Oaxaca, Mexico, of Zapotec heritage, entered Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1917.   His first show, in New York (1926), was a success as was his solo show at Galería de Arte Moderno in Mexico (1929).  From 1937 to 1959, he and wife Olga lived in New York and Paris before returning to Mexico.  His first major retrospective was at Mexico’s Palacio de Bellas Artes (1949).  Noted works include Niña Atacada por un Pajaro Extrano (1947), El Atormentado (1949), and La Perla (1950).  Honors include the National Prize for Arts and Sciences in Fine Arts, Mexico (1964); Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts, Spain (1985); Medal of Honor, Mexican Senate ( 1988); Grand Officer, Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (1989), and Honorary member, National College of Mexico (1991).  The Smithsonian Art Museum held a retrospective of his work, Tamayo: The New York Years (2017-2018).  He died June 14, 1991, in Mexico City.

  Carlos Suarez De Jesus, "Mexican Master," The Miami New Times, 7/5/2007.  Retrieved 7/11/2019,
Photo:  Carl Van Vechten (1880-1964), 1945.  Public Domain.  Source: United States Library of Congress.

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