AUGUST 6, 1777


Tyonajanegen, whose name meant “Two Kettles Togther,” and husband Han Yerry Tewahangarahken,  whose name meant “He Who Takes Up the Snow Shoe,” founded Oriska, a village at the mouth of the Oriskany Creek. Han Yerry was one of the wealthiest Oneidas. During the American Revolution, while most Iroquois allied with the British, the Oneida & some Tuscaroras sided with the Americans. Han Yerry was a head warrior during the Saratoga campaign while Tyonajanegen transported messages for the rebels. During the Battle of Oriskany, Tyonajanegen, armed with 2 pistols, rode & fought alongside her husband and her son, Cornelius. She reloaded Han Yerry’s gun after a musket ball struck him in the wrist. After the battle Tyonajanegen rode to bring news of the outcome to local rebels.  For her services, General Horatio Gates provided her “Three Gallons of Rum, for a Winter’s supply.” British-allied Iroquois later destroyed the village and the family’s house.  Tyonajanegen died circa 1822.

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Glatthaar, Joseph T.; Martin, James Kirby (2007). Forgotten Allies: The Oneida Indians and the American Revolution,
Flag:  Xasartha, 4/8/2014.  Permissive Use.

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