JUNE 22, 1928


Born in Sultan, Snohomish County, Washington (WA) on June 22, 1834, Boeda was full blooded Snohomish. She was known by her tribe as the Head Basket Weaver. She taught, not only her people, but also members of many other tribes the art of basket weaving. To this day, two of her descendants have seven of her original baskets sitting in their home, which was Boeda’s home. At the age of 90 years of age she was still paddling a canoe from Olympic Peninsula across the Puget Sound to Seattle. Boeda died in Jefferson County, WA, on her 94th birthday.

  “Boeda Strand,” Notable Native American Women.  Retrieved 11/24/2021, Notable Native American Women (harisingh.com)
Photo: Author & date unknown (1928 at the latest). Fair Use.  

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