JUNE 26, 1962


Born in Lima, Humala joined the army in 1982. He commanded a 1990s counterinsurgency against revolutionary group Shining Path. In October 2000, Humana led a failed military coup against President Fujimori but was pardoned after Fujimori’s government fell. Retiring in 2004, he ran unsuccessfully for president in 2006 after publicly allying with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. In 2011, recast as a center-left moderate, he edged Fujimori’s daughter. However, his moderate stances cost him the support of the political left. He was also criticized when his government proposed buying shares in local holdings of oil company Repsol SA. Humala’s popularity declined due to scandals & his handling of environmental disputes over open-pit coal mining in the Cajamarca region. After leaving office in 2016, he & his wife were arrested in 2017 for money-laundering. No charges were filed. In 2019, they were alleged to have taken bribes. The matter is still pending.

Source: Sherman Hollar, “Ollanta Humala,” Britannica. Retrieved 11/29/2021, Ollanta Humala | Biography & Facts | Britannica
Photo: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Perú, 1/29/2016 (Cropped). Permissive Use.

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