JUNE 4, 1870


The Colombian Act of June 4, 1870 established Tulenega Shire which stretched from the province of Colon to the Gulf of Urabá, Colombia. The law also recognized the Guna as property owners of the Shire. After separation of Panama in 1903, the Shire was divided into 2 parts: the majority remained in Panama; a small portion in Colombia. The suspension of the region, incursions of outsiders, and colonial police abuse brought about the February 25, 1925 Guna Revolution, led by Nele Kantule and Ologintipipilele. Armed Guna attacked the police and proclaimed the independent Republic of Tule. A subsequent peace treaty committed the Government of Panama to protect the customs of the Guna. The Guna, in turn, accepted a formal school system. Pursuant to Article 5 of the Constitution of 1904, which allows for special political divisions, legislation established the Indigenous Guna District of San Blas (now Guna Yala) in 1938. Its boundaries and administration were finalized by Act No. 16 of 1953.

“Travel Guide For San Blas Islands (Comarca Guna Yala),” San Blas Islands Purple Guide.  Retrieved 7/30/2022, Travel Guide For San Blas Islands (Comarca Guna Yala) - San Blas Islands Purple Guide (backpackandsnorkel.com)
Map: TUBS, 11/4/2011. Map of the current Guna Yala portion of what was Tulenga Shire. Permissive Use. 

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