JUNE 6, 1879


Born in Edgerton, Wisconsin, Johnson attended Carlisle Indian School from 1899-1903 and was an All-America quarterback in 1903. Small but fiery, he was Carlisle captain in 1903. Enrolling at Northwestern University’s School of Dentistry, Johnson also played on Northwestern’s 1904-05 teams. In 1904, he scored a touchdown and helped beat Illinois 12-6. In 1905, in beating Beloit 18-2, Jimmy scored a touchdown and ran for 200 yards. He returned to Carlisle as assistant coach in 1906. Completing dental school, Jimmy became a dental surgeon in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Johnson died in Rochester, Minnesota, on January 19, 1942. He was entered into the College Football, and American Indian Athletic Halls of Fame in 1969 and 1972, respectively.

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Photo: Chicago Daily News, Inc., 1905. Public Domain.  Source: Chicago Historical Society (CHS), SDN-004532, Chicago Daily News collection, Chicago History Museum, Inventory Number:1960.784, Search – Chicago History Museum Images. 

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