MAY 15, 1978


During the Termination Era that began in 1953 with House Concurrent Resolution 110, the Federal government severed its trust relationship with tribes, stripping them of essential programs, services and funding guaranteed by treaty. Federal laws passed August 1-3, 1956, specifically terminated the Wyandotte, Peoria and Ottawa tribes in Oklahoma. Public Law 95-281, signed by President Jimmy Carter, restored Federal recognition to the three tribes. Public Law 95-281 also recognized the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma. With such recognition, the tribes and their members were “entitled to participate in the programs and services provided by the United States to Indians because of their status as Indians,” and specifically granted individuals access to hospital and medical care, for which “members of such tribes shall be deemed to be Indians.” 

Source: Alysa Landry, “Today in Native History: Carter Restores Federal Recognition to Three Oklahoma Tribes,” Indian Country Today, 5/15/2017. Retrieved 10/25/2021, 
Today in Native History: Carter Restores Federal Recognition to Three Oklahoma Tribes - Indian Country Today
Statute: Public Law 95-281. Public Domain. Source:,  STATUTE-92-Pg246.pdf (

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