MAY 4, 1992


In 1981, Members of the Legislative Assembly of the NWT asked NWT voters, “Do you think the [NWT] should be divided?” The plebiscite on dividing the NWT was held on April 14, 1982 and 56.6 per cent of voters supported the idea, with the vote in Nunavut being highly in favor. Over the next 10 years the Federal Government announced its support of Nunavut and boundaries were negotiated. In February 1992, the date of May 4 was set as the date for Northerners to vote on a proposed boundary, known as the Parker line.  A slim majority supported the proposed boundary with much high voter turnout in Nunavut; considerably lower turnout in the West.  In November 1992, the Inuit overwhelmingly approved the Nunavut Final Land Claim Agreement. Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, NWT Leader Nellie Cournoyea, and Tunngavik Federation of Nunavut President Paul Quassa signed the deal in Iqaluit in May 1993. 

Source: “Creation of a New Northwest Territories,” Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.  Retrieved, 10/19/2021, Creation of a New Northwest Territories | Legislative Assembly of The Northwest Territories (
Map: MapGrid, 11/22/2020. Permissive Use. 

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