SEPTEMBER 27, 2004


Born July 16, 1928, in the Qualla community, Murphy, North Carolina (NC), Amanda drew & carved by age 4 and sold her carvings by age 8. To further her in art, her foster mother sent her to live with friends in Chicago. Earning a scholarship to study at the Art Institute of Chicago, Crowe attained both Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Fine Arts there. Receiving a John Quincy Adams post-graduate fellowship, she studied with Jose de Creeft at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel in Mexico before accepting a Cherokee Historical Association offer to teach art & woodcarving at Cherokee High School in Cherokee, NC, where she taught for nearly 40 years. Awards include: NC Folk Heritage Award. Exhibits include: Art Institute of Chicago, and Mint, Charlotte, Atlanta Art, and Denver Art Museums. Permanent collections: The National Museum of the American Indian, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and U.S. Department of the Interior. She also illustrated Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears (1956). Crowe died in NC.

  “Amanda Crowe (1928 -  ), Women in Western North Carolina.  Retrieved 3/20/2022, Amanda Crowe 1928 (
Photo:  Author and date unknown. Visitors to the Craftsmen's Fair at the Cherokee Indian Reservation, Cherokee North Carolina, watch Amanda Crowe, Well-Known Cherokee Wood Sculptor and Her Students Demonstrate Their Art. Public Domain. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, NAID 281632. Series: Cherokee Field Office Records, compiled 1968 - 1983 (NAID: 281596). NAIL Control Number: NRCA-435-ART001-115B(1).

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