JULY 15, 1937


Born in Honolulu on April 22, 1882, Louis attended the Kamehameha School. By 1903, he was already in the United States performing under the stage name “Professor Lu Thompson Keouli,” though he later used several other names. During 1907 & 1908, Thompson, as manager of a troupe called the Honolulu Students, toured primarily in New York and New England as part of the Chautauqua Circuit. From 1914-1936, he resided in Europe, performing and recording as both Segis Lavaun and Juan Akoni in London (1916-17, 1925-26); as Segis Lavaun in Sweden (1920); and, in Berlin, under the names Segis Lavaun (1920-25, 1928) and San Juan (1925). While in London, Thompson published How to Play the Ukelele [Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Ltd. (1926)]. His German recordings were for the Grammaphon/Polydor label. He also resided in Copenhagen, Oslo, Prague, Latvia, and Switzerland. Thompson finally returned to the United States in September 1936 and died of heart failure in Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

Source: Wikipedia
Original Photo: Author Unknown, circa 1910. Public Domain.  Source: Family albums of Louis Keouli Thompson aka Segis Luvaun, Hawaiian musician and performer. Derived Photo: Keith0603, undated. Permissive Use. 

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