JULY 31, 1725


Also known as Father Rale’s War & 4TH Anglo-Abenaki War [the preceding 3 wars: King Philip’s, King William’s & Queen Anne’s Wars], this was a 3-year (1722-25) series of battles between the New England Colonies and the alliance of New France & Wabanaki Confederacy (specifically the Miꞌkmaq, Maliseet, and Abenaki). The root cause of the conflict on the Maine frontier was the border between Acadia & New England. Penobscot chiefs expressed willingness to enter peace talks with Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Dummer in December 1724, but were opposed in this by the French. However, Dummer announced a cessation of hostilities after earlier negotiations with Chiefs Loron & Wenemouet. Upon translation of the written agreement into Abenaki, Loron repudiated claims of British sovereignty over him. However, he pursued peace and treaties were signed in Maine on December 15, 1725 & in Nova Scotia on June 15, 1726, by all tribal chiefs except Gray Lock who remained hostile until 1727.

 Pre-Revolution Timeline - The 1700s: 1720-1739, America’s Best History.
Retrieved 2/5/2022, 1722 Detail, Dummer's War Between New England Colonists and Wabanaki Confederacy Begins, Pre-Revolution Timeline 1700s - America's Best History (americasbesthistory.com)
Lithograph:  Thomas W. Strong, 1856. Death of Father Sebastian Rale of the Society of Jesus. Killed by the English and Mohawks at Norridgewock, Aug. 23, 1724. Public Domain.  Source: Indian Good Book, Eugene Vetromile (1819-1880).

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