JULY 5, 465


Also known as Chaacal and Akul Anab I, he was an Ajaw (chief) of the Maya city of Palenque ruling from June 5, 501 AD to his death on November 29, 524. Ahkal Moʼ Nahb I is the earliest recorded ruler of Palenque whose exact dates of birth, accession and death have been verified. He was possibly the younger brother of his immediate predecessor, Bʼutz Aj Sak Chiik. For unknown reasons he is mentioned several times in official narratives left by Pacal the Great, who ruled Palenque a century later. It is believed Pacal considered Ahkal Moʼ Naab I a particularly important historical figure or his ancestor.

Source: Joel Skidmore, The Rulers of Palenque, Mesoweb Publications (5th Ed., 2010),  p. 20. PalenqueRulers-05.pdf (mesoweb.com)
Glyph: Mały koleżka, 11/20/2015. Permissive Use. 

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