April 30, 2008


A Native Hawaiian group advocating sovereignty briefly occupied the grounds of Iolani Palace in Honolulu saying it would carry out the business of what it considers the legitimate government of the islands.  Unarmed security guards from the “Hawaiian Kingdom Government” group blocked all gates to the grounds of the palace, which is adjacent to the state Capitol. They did not enter the building itself. After several hours, the protesters agreed to reopen the gates but remained on the grounds until early evening and return the next day.  No arrests were made.  This was a prelude to an August 15, 2008, Hawaii Admission Day, 4-hour palace occupation by 27 members of the “Kingdom of Hawaii Nation Ministry Trust,” a national-independence fringe faction led by Akahi Nui.  Their goal was to establish the palace as a new seat of government declaring the independence of Hawaii from the United States.

Sources:  “Protesters Occupy Hawaiian Palace in Peace,” CBS News, 4/30/2008.  Retrieved 2/28/2020, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/protesters-occupy-hawaiian-palace-in-peace/
Photo:  Jiang, 12/23/2005.  Public Domain.