OCTOBER 26, 1992


President George H. W. Bush signed the 1992 Act (Public Law 102-524) “to assist Native Americans in assuring the survival and continuing vitality of their languages.”  The 1992 Act amended the Native American Languages Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-477) which declared that Native Americans were entitled to use their own languages for education and conducting their own business.  Introduced by Hawaiian Senator Daniel Inouye in 1991, the Act was meant to facilitate funding for tribes and Native American organizations to establish language training programs, compile oral records, establish community programs and construct facilities.  When no grants in the fiscal year of 1991 included language components, Inouye presented a substitute bill encouraging tribal governments to establish partnerships with schools, colleges, and universities.  After furious lobbying by Hawaiians, language institutes, and advocates, the bill moved through Congress to passage and to presidential signature.

Sources:  Public Law 102-524, https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/STATUTE-106/pdf/STATUTE-106-Pg3434.pdf Public Law 101-477, https://www2.nau.edu/jar/SIL/NALAct.pdf
Graphic:  Official Seal of the U. S.  Public domain.  Created by the Federal Government.

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