APRIL 15, 1921


Born on January 28, 1898, in Pawnee, Oklahoma, Moses started his baseball career at Chilocco Indian Agricultural School where, in 1917, he compiled a 17-0 record.  His Major League debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates—the first appearance by a full-blooded Indian–was in relief.   Over his 2-year stay with the Pirates, Yellow Horse was used primarily as a reliever.  In his Major League career, shortened by injuries and drinking, he had a record of 8 wins and 4 losses.  On September 26, 1922, he faced Ty Cobb in an exhibition game.  Some say Cobb hurled racist remarks at Yellow Horse who sent a fastball that hit Cobb squarely between the eyes.  After his final minor league game in 1926, he returned to Pawnee where, from 1927 to 1945, he worked odd jobs and drank heavily.  Suddenly in 1945, he quit drinking on his own, found steady work, became an honored tribal member, and coached an all-Indian baseball team of youngsters.  Yellow Horse died on April 10, 1964, in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Source:  Ralph Berger, “Moses Yellow Horse,” Society for American Baseball Research.  Retrieved 11/28/2020, https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/c3f353f4
Photo:  Exhibit Baseball Cards, 1922.  Public Domain.  Source: 

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