APRIL 26, 1940


Born in Saskatchewan, Maria’s first book, Many Laws (1969), addressed issues facing First Nations people moving to the cities.  Half-breed (1973), which initiated a rebirth of Aboriginal literature, tells her struggles to survive poverty, addiction, and sexual exploitation.  Children’s books: People of the Buffalo (1975), Little Badger and the Fire Spirit (1977), Riel’s People (1978) tell the history of the Métis.  Stories of the Road-Allowance People (1995) translates narratives from the Cree-Mitchif language.  Also a playwright, her play Flight was the first all-Aboriginal theatre production.  Jessica, which she co-wrote, mirrors her journey in Half-breed and won the Dora Mavor Moore Award and Best Canadain Production at the Quinzanne International Festival.  She also produced the Aboriginal TV series, My Partner, My People.  Maria’s received several honorary doctorates, taught Métis history at several universities, and was visiting academic at Athabasca University.  She became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2008.

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Photo:  The Governor General of Canada, undated.  Order of Canada Ribbon.  Permissive Use. Source: https://www.gg.ca/en/honours/canadian-honours/order-canada#:~:text=The%20Order%20of%20Canada%20is,been%20invested%20into%20the%20Order.  [Cropped].  

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