AUGUST 20, 1935


Born around 1851 near Fort Laramie, little is known of Grant Short Bull’s early life other than that he lived mostly a traditional lifestyle.  In early 1876, while away on a raiding party, the village where his people were residing (with Cheyenne along the Powder River) was attacked by U.S. troops enforcing the “eviction” order.  Short Bull and his men got back in time to reclaim many of the horses, but many of the villagers were killed or forced out by the troops.  He later said, “If it had not been for that attack by Crook on Powder River … there would have been no [Great Sioux war].”  A compatriot of Crazy Horse, he participated in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  In 1890, he was involved in unsuccessful talks with U.S. General Nelson Miles meant to avoid conflict.  Shortly thereafter, he was present for the Wounded Knee massacre.  Afterward, Grant Short Bull became a well-known and respected headman on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  He and his son died in a car accident in Ogalala, South Dakota.

Source:  “The Story of Grant Short Bull,” Custer’s Last Stand, 6/14/2017.  Retrieved 12/14/2020, The Story of Grant Short Bull ~ Custer's Last Stand (
Photo:  Author and date unknown.  Likely late 1800s.  Most likely Public Domain.  If not Public Domain, then Fair Use.  
Source:  See above. 

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