AUGUST 21, 1952


Born in Newman, Indian Territory, Stigler, an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation, graduated from Northeastern State College (1912) and studied law at University of Oklahoma (1915).  In 1917, he joined the Army as a 2nd lieutenant and fought at St. Mihiel & Meuse-Argonne.  Afterward, he attended University of Grenoble in France.  Returning in 1920, Stigler practiced law in his hometown, now-renamed “Stigler” for his father—its first postmaster.  He served as city attorney & County Democratic central committee secretary (1920-24); Oklahoma State Senator (1925-32); and Choctaw Nation’s national attorney (1937-44).  In a 1944 special election, Stigler was elected as U.S. Representative and served there until his death.  His major focus concerned American Indians advocating for Federal aid for Indians, proper oversight of the Interior Department’s disbursements, and adequate compensation for use of natural resources extracted from tribal lands.  Stigler died in Stigler, Oklahoma.

Source:  Todd J. Kosmerick, “Stigler, William Grady (1891-1952,” Oklahoma Historical Society.  Retrieved 6/14/2020,
Photo:  U.S. House of Representatives, Between 1944 and 1952. Public Domain.   Source: Carl Albert Center Congressional Archives.

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