OCTOBER 16, 1923


Born in Fort Rupert, British Columbia (B.C.), Henry worked as a fisherman and logger, but moved to Victoria, B.C., to assist his father-in-law, noted Kwakiutl carver Mungo Martin at Royal B.C. Museum’s Thunderbird Park.  Mungo and Arthur Shaughnessy, also a noted Kwakiutl carver, taught Hunt the art.  Henry helped restore & preserve Aboriginal art in the Park for nearly 20 years.  With Martin’s death in 1962, Hunt became the Park’s master carver and trained his sons Tony, Richard, and Stanley.  When he resigned in 1974, son Richard became the master carver.  Henry’s totems are found across Canada, including at: Beacon Hill Park, Victoria (carved with Martin); Totem Marina, Shuswap Lake, B.C.; and Indians of Canada Pavilion, Expo 67, Montréal.  He also carved smaller poles for dignitaries, such as Lester Pearson, Lyndon Johnson & Queen Elizabeth II.  The Hunts’ most significant work is the Mungo Martin memorial pole erected in 1970 at ‘Yalis (Alert Bay), B.C.  Hunt died March 13, 1985 in Victoria.

Source:  Carol Sheehan, “Henry Hunt,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, 7/8/2007.  Retrieved 7/27/2020, https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/henry-hunt
Photo:  Henry Hunt (1923-1985), 3/5/2007.  Berkhamsted Totem Pole.  Permissive Use.

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