OCTOBER 21, 1938


Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Win attended school in St. Louis, Missouri, received a master’s degree from Columbia University and graduated from the University of Southern California Music Conservatory.  He started his writing career as music & drama reviewer for the Los Angeles Times and later entertainment editor and principal theater & movie critic of the Herald Examiner.  His first book, Give Your Heart to the Hawks, was published in 1973.  He has written books (40), screenplays (13), magazine articles, essays, a dictionary, and travel guides to the West.  Win was editor at Macmillan Publishing for 15 years and, from 2010-12, Gaylord Family Visitor Professor of Professional Writing, University of Oklahoma.  Awards: Owen Wister Award (2015); Western Writers Hall of Fame (2015); Spur Award (2004) for Stone Song (1995) & So Wild a Dream; Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers, Writer of the Year for Dictionary of the American West (2002) & Heaven Is a Long Way Off (2006-2007).

  “Blivens, Winfred (1938 - ),” Encyclopedia.com.  Retrieved 7/28/2020,  https://www.encyclopedia.com/arts/educational-magazines/blevins-winfred-1938
Photo:  Win Blevins (1938 - ), 6/12/2012.  Public Domain. 

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