OCTOBER 27, 1940


Jacobs was born near Ricefield, North Carolina.  While some counties funded separate schools for Indians, hers did not until her grandfather convinced the county to open one.  After graduation, she completed Miller Mott Business College of Wilmington and worked in her father’s logging business.  She also taught children traditional dances & educated them about their history.  Priscilla also successfully convinced a paper company to donate 5 acres of land to serve as a tribal center.  In 1971, the state formed Commission of Indian Affairs and Jacobs became its first secretary of the board of directors.  With her father, she was involved in the Coalition for Eastern Native Americans and the N.C. Indian Unity Conference, and helped form the Waccamaw-Siouan Development Association (WSDA).  In 1986, she accepted the post as chief which she held until 2005.  [NOTE: The Waccamaw are recognized by the Carolinas, but are not Federally-recognized].

Source:  Dr. Patricia B. Lerch, “Priscilla Freeman Jacobs,” NCPedia.  Retrieved 7/30/2020, https://ncpedia.org/biography/jacobs-priscilla-freeman
Photo:  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, undated.  Public Domain.  Source: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Waccamaw/about.html    

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