OCTOBER 6, 649


A Maya king of the Kaan kingdom with its capital at Calakmul, his name meant “Jaguar Paw Smoke.”  While he acceded to the throne at age 36, he may have effectively governed for a substantial period before this on behalf of the previous king, Yuknoom the Great, who may have been Yuknoom Yichʼaak Kʼahk’s father.  As Yuknoom the Great lived into his 80s, he may have been incapacitated during his latter years.  As Stela 9, from 662, details Yuknoom Yichʼaak Kʼahkʼs birth and accords him a full royal title, he might have claim to: military victories over Tikal (677 & 679); the accessions of kings of Moral and Cancuen (662 & 677, respectively); the dispatching of Lady Six Sky from Dos Pilas to re-seed the dynasty of Naranjo (682); and a lieutenant’s action expressive of Kaan overlordship at Piedras Negras (685).  In 695, Calakmul suffered a military defeat at the hands of Tikal and it was believed that the king was killed or captured in that battle.  However, he may also have survived until 696.

Source:  Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube, Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens, (2008:45, 75, 109-111)
Photo:  Wolfgang Sauber, 8/4/2008.  Permissive Use. 

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