DECEMBER 23, 1971


TAC is one of 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations created under the Alaska (AK) Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA) in settlement of aboriginal land claims. The Aleut Corporation was finally incorporated on June 21, 1972. Headquartered in Anchorage, AK, TAC is a for-profit corporation with approximately 3,410 Alaska Native shareholders primarily of Aleut descent originating in the AK Peninsula, Aleutian Islands, Pribilof Islands, and Shumagin Islands. Under ANCSA, TAC received a settlement of $19.5 million. Its land entitlement included 66,000 acres (270 km²) of surface lands and 1.572 million acres (6,362 km²) of subsurface estate. TAC’s primary business focus is in the areas of government contracting; telecommunications; environmental remediation; real estate management; trust management; sales of sand, gravel, mineral, and rock aggregates; and investments in oil and gas producing properties and marketable securities.

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“THE ALEUT CORPORATION: A History of The Aleut Corporation,” ANCSA at 50.  Retrieved 9/14/2022,   THE ALEUT CORPORATION: A History of The Aleut Corporation - ANCSA at 50 (
Photo:  Denali National Park and Reserve, 6/29/2010. Public Domain.

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