DECEMBER 26, 1927


The Hominy Indians football team, established in the early 1920s, was comprised of members from several different tribes, including several Osage tribal members. The Hominy team played on a national level and was said to have been undefeated. It was this achievement that soon awarded them the opportunity to play against the NFL champion New York Giants. Three weeks after the 11-1-1 Giants claimed the NFL title, the team traveled to Pawhuska, Oklahoma, to face the Indians. According to the game’s accounts published in the Daily Journal-Capital, “The first score came in the first quarter when a fleet Indian end snatched a pass from the air after Hill for the Giants had fumbled, and raced 50 yards for a touchdown.” With the game tied at six, Arapaho All-American fullback John Levi took over at quarterback and tossed a 60-yard bomb for the winning score. Also on the Indians squad that day was eventual baseball Hall of Famer Johnny “Pepper” Martin.

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Photo:  Author unknown, 1925.  1925 Hominy Indians. Likely Public Domain.  If not Public Domain, then Fair Use.  Source: Photographs - Hominy Heritage Association (

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