FEBRUARY 23, 1888


Born on March 3, 1831, at Fort Mistassini, near James Bay at the bottom of Hudson Bay, Hardisty was the son and grandson of chief factors of the Hudson’s Bay Co. (HBC). After being educated at Red River Academy (later St John’s College, Winnipeg), he joined HBC as an apprentice postmaster in the Red River District. In 1872, Hardisty was appointed chief factor at Fort Edmonton, administering a vast district that covered much of present-day Saskatchewan and Alberta.  He ran as an Independent candidate for the District of Alberta in the federal elections of 1887, but was defeated. However, on February 23, 1888, on the advice of John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, Hardisty became Canada’s first Métis Senator. He died just a year later near Winnipeg, on October 18, 1889.

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Photo:  Author unknown, pre-1889.  Public Domain. Source: City of Edmonton Archives, EA-10-1557. https://cityarchives.edmonton.ca/northern-alberta-pioneers-and-old-timers-association-napota-fonds  Profile - Hardisty, Richard Charles (parl.ca). 

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