DECEMBER 28, 1795


Born Francisco Javier Eugenio de Santa Cruz y Espejo, in 1747, in Quito, he was Quichua-Mulatto. With only two doctors in Quito, Espeio worked alongside his father, a medical assistant at the Hospital de la Misericordia. In 1767, Eugenio graduated from medical school and was given permission to practice medicine in 1772. In 1780, he began studying canon law and jurisprudence. Espeio also began writing about corruption. One writing, about smallpox in 1785, got him exiled. In 1790, Eugenio returned to Quito, developed the Patriotic Society and became the director of the first Quito public library in 1791. Espeio was known first as a writer and medical pioneer. He wrote about microorganisms and sanitary conditions that lead to disease. Eugenio was the first hygienist and journalist in the city of Quito. His satirical works were inspirational, but landed him in jail for a while, just before he passed away in Quito.

 “Ecuadorian Historical Figure Eugenio Espejo,”  Retrieved, 7/8/2022, Ecuadorian Historical Figure Eugenio Espejo -
Photo:  Krosto, 1/13/2010.  Bust of Eugenio Espeio in Quito, Ecuador. Permissive Use.

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