FEBRUARY 26, 1907


Born in Rapid City, South Dakota, her father was educator Chief Chauncey Yellow Robe. From 1925-27, Rosebud attended the University of South Dakota (USD). In 1927, when President Coolidge was made an honorary member of the Sioux tribe, Rosebud placed the warbonnet on his head. Moving to New York, she began educating children about Native American culture. In the 1930s, she performed her scripts at CBS Radio. From 1930-50, she ran the Jones Beach Indian Village on Long Island teaching children through handicraft, games, songs, and stories. Yellow Robe also appeared on children’s TV programs in the 1950s. Her first book, Album of the American Indian (1969) detailed how tribes lived before 1492. Her 2nd book, Tonweya and the Eagles (1979), was a collection of Native American folk tales for children. Rosebud died of cancer on October 5, 1992. In 1994, the National Dance Institute, with singer Judy Collins & a global children’s chorus joined in a tribute titled Rosebud’s Song at Madison Square Garden.

Source: “Robe, Rosebud Yellow,” Encyclopedia.com.  Retrieved 5/22/2021, Robe, Rosebud Yellow | Encyclopedia.com
Photo: Vik, O. A. (Ole Anders), Rapid City, South Dakota, 1927.  Public Domain. Source: Rosebud Robe - Western History - Denver Public Library Western History/Genealogy Digital Collections (denverlibrary.org)

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