NOVEMBER 30, 1975


Born in Montreal, Quebec (QB), from Kahnawake Mohawk Territory (KMT), Waneek (WHM) almost died from being bayoneted during the Oka Crisis (1990). At Carleton University (CU) she was a 3-time Athlete of the Year. From 1990-97, she won 20+ gold medals at the North American Indigenous Games. In 1999, WHM won the Tom Longboat Award (Canada’s top Aboriginal athlete). She helped Canada win Team Gold (1999 Pan Am Games) & Bronze (2001 FINA World Championships). Olympic experience: Team co-captain (2000); torchbearer (2006); and CBC broadcaster (2008). WHM was Canada’s assistant chef de mission at the 2015 Pan Am Games. Honors include: Inductee, Canada’s Sports (2019) & CU Halls of Fame; and National Aboriginal Achievement Award (2000). WHM also was a plaintiff in a 2014 suit that successfully challenged the KMT Council’s discriminatory policy preventing Mohawks who marry non-Mohawks from living in the KMT. 

Source:  Heather Conn, “Waneek Horn-Miller,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, 3/29/2018, updated 6/3/2022.  Retrieved 6/12/2022, Waneek Horn-Miller | The Canadian Encyclopedia
Video Screen Shot:  CBC Sports, 4/27/2021.  Permissive Use. 

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