APRIL 2, 1875


Born at Norway House 17, on the northern tip of Lake Winnipeg in what was then-Rupert’s Land, Henry attended a Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) missionary school that sought to provide Christian education for First Nations and Métis children. He left the school to be an HBC clerk in 1827 and worked with HBC until 1837. For the next 13 years he taught school and conducted Anglican Church services at St. John’s Parish, in W’passkwayaw (The Pas, Manitoba). In June 1840, Budd began a new school for First Nations children in the Cumberland House district. Following his ordination as an Anglican priest in 1850, he was assigned to the Mission at Nepowewin where he remained until 1867. Budd’s last assignment was at The Pas where he resumed teaching, as well as performing ministerial duties. Known for his eloquence, Henry Budd was also a gifted organizer. Budd was also well known for translating Anglican scripture and prayer books into the Cree language. He died at The Pas, Manitoba.

Source:  Budd, Henry (1812-1875), Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan.  Retrieved 8/3/2021, The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | Details (uregina.ca)
Portrait: Artist unknown, pre-1875.  Public Domain. Saskatchewan Archives Board, R-A4814.    

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