APRIL 3, 686


Reputedly born October 6, 649, Yuknoom Yichʼaak Kʼahk’ formally succeeded his father, Yukoom the Great, on this date, but may have effectively governed the kingdom for a substantial period beforehand. The inscription of Stela 9, from 662, goes into detail about the birth of Yuknoom Yichʼaak Kʼahkʼ and accords him a full royal title. He may be credited with: Military triumphs over Tikal in 677 & 679; supervision of the accessions of kings of Moral and Cancuen in 662 & 677 respectively; and the dispatching of Lady Six Sky from Dos Pilas to re-seed the dynasty of Naranjo in 682. His accession was recorded at El Peru, Dos Pilas, and at Naranjo. In 695, Calakmul suffered a military defeat at the hands of Tikal and it was initially believed that the king was killed or captured in that battle. However, a new find at La Corona has revealed that the king survived at least until 696, when he made a visit to that town. There are reasons to believe that Yichʼaak Kʼahkʼ is buried in Tomb 4 within Structure 2. 

Source: Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube, Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens.
Photo: Wolfgang Sauber, 8/4/2008.  Permissive Use.

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