AUGUST 28, 1775


Following the Colonists’ capture of Fort Ticonderoga, Benedict Arnold convinced General Washington to invade Quebec Province. Guy Johnson, a New York Loyalist friendly with the Iroquois, led about 200 Loyalist & Mohawk supporters first to Fort Ontario, where, in June, he obtained promises of support from mostly Iroquois & Huron tribal leaders. In Montreal, he met with over 1,500 Indigenous peoples (mostly Mohawks), negotiating similar agreements, and delivering war belts “to be held ready for service.” However, other Iroquois tribes sought to stay neutral. To ensure this, the Continental Congress sent General Schuyler, who had influence with the Oneidas. He called for a conference in Albany in mid-August. Attended primarily by Oneidas, Tuscaroras, and a few Mohawk, Schuyler and other commissioners explained the issues dividing the colonies from Britain. The assembled chiefs agreed to remain neutral, with one Mohawk chief saying, “It is a family affair.”

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Map:  Les Frères Maristes, 1923.  Province of Quebec 1774. Public Domain.  Source: Atlas-Géographie. Étude physique, politique, économique de la Province de Québec, Montreal, Granger

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