JUNE 24, 1958


Mary, born near Seattle & adopted as a baby, grew up in Tucson learning to play the classical flute, piano, guitar, synthesizer, marimba & slit drum. After meeting her birth mother, she became interested in her culture. In her early 30s, Mary took up Native American (NA) flute–an instrument traditionally only played by men. Silver Wave Records signed her in 1988 after she played in a PBS station special, American Indian Circles of Wisdom. Her releases: The Offering (1998); Heart of the World (1999); Beneath the Raven Moon (2002); Feed the Fire (2004); Dance with the Wind (2006); & Sacred Place (2008). She also composed & played the soundtrack for The Spirit of Sacajawea (2007). Awards include: NA Music [Flutist of the Year (1999 & 2000), Best Female Artist (2000)]; Assn. for Independent Music [Best NA Recording (2000)]; New Age Voice (2000); & Grammy [Flutist of the Year, NA Music category (2002) & Best NA Music Album (2006)]. Mary also serves on the World Flute Society Advisory Board.

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Photo: Adabow, 5/6/2011, cropped from work by Mike Oitzman, 10/27/2007.    Permissive Use.

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