MAY 19, 1946


Waihe’e, born in Honoka`a on the island of Hawai`i, was educated at Andrews University and Central Michigan University, later earning his law degree as a member of the first graduating class of the University of Hawaii’s Law School in 1976. In 1978, he was a delegate to the Hawaii State Constitutional Convention and helped establish the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). In 1980, he won office as a state representative and in 1982, became lieutenant governor. In 1986, Waihe’e was elected governor—America’s 1st state governor of Hawaiian ancestry—and served 2 terms. After leaving the governorship in 1994, Waihe’e has practiced international law and worked as a lobbyist. In 1999, he was also appointed head of the American Samoa Economic Advisory Commission. In 2008, Waiheʻe served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Currently, he is Chairman of the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission and is on the Moanalua Gardens Foundation Board of Directors.

Source: “John David Waihee III,” Retrieved 10/27/2014, John David Waihee III - Hawaii History - Governors
Photo: Michi Moore, 8/26/2014. Permissive Use. 

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