MAY 20, 1941


Shade, born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma (OK), lived most of his life in Lost City, OK. A direct descendant of famed Cherokee leader Sequoya, He spent more than 40 years serving the Cherokee Nation as an administrator, manager, teacher and volunteer. Hastings was declared a Cherokee National Treasure in 1991 for his extensive traditional knowledge. He was the only known maker of Cherokee marbles (gadayosdi) which he made by hand. He also made highly-sought fishing & frog gigs. Shade served one term as deputy chief of the Cherokee Nation, from 1999 to 2003. During his time in office, he helped develop the Cherokee Nation’s language programs, especially the Cherokee language immersion programs for school children. Shade died February 9, 2010, in Tulsa, OK.

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Photo: Phil Konstantin (Philkon), 9/9/2001. Public Domain. 

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