From Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico, Michael is best known for his pottery inspired by Chaco, Mesa Verde and other ancestral Pueblo pottery. Kanteena also makes pottery inspired by historic kachina dolls & masks. Kanteena earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Eastern New Mexico University in 1981. His pottery won awards at the New Mexico State Fair (1st place, 1994), Gallup Ceremonial (1st, 2nd & 3rd place, 1995; 1st place, 1996), and Wingspread Collectors’ Guide Award of Excellence (1998), and have been displayed at the Maxwell Museum in Albuquerque, the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, and the annual Santa Fe Indian Market, along with several commercial galleries. Kanteena also has taught pottery-making at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in southwest Colorado.  He was featured in the January, 2001 issue of New Mexico Magazine. Michael was recently a featured artist at the 2022 Heritage Festival sponsored by the Museum of Northern Arizona.

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Photo:  Peter D. Tillman, 2/9/2019.  Classic Mimbres birds design.  Permissive Use

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