Boyd, born in Honolulu of British & Hawaiian descent, was from one of the most prominent families in Hawaii. After attending the Punahou School (then-Oahu College), he was chosen, along with Robert William Wilcox, to study abroad. Boyd went to the Royal Naval Academy at Livorno. In October 1887, Boyd and Wilcox returned to Hawaii after the Bayonet Constitution of 1887 was imposed on King Kalākaua by the American-led Reform Party & Honolulu Rifles. Boyd joined Wilcox in his 1889 rebellion to restore the political power of the monarchy. After the rebellion failed, several rebels were arrested. Wilcox was tried but acquitted. Boyd was not tried as he served as the primary witness for the prosecution. After the overthrow of the monarchy, Boyd joined Wilcox’s Home Rule Party of Hawaii. He later was elected surveyor of Oahu County in 1903 as a Republican. Boyd also worked as a surveyor. He died on September 9, 1914, in Honolulu.

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Photo:  Bernice P. Bishop Museum, circa 1884.  Public Domain. Source: Hawaiian Journal of History after page 172 of volume 22, 1988, article Kalakaua's Hawaiian Studies Abroad Program by Agnes Quigg. 

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